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Author Dora Dillistone is an artist who relocated from Houston, Texas to Taos, New Mexico with her husband Carl in 2009. After being a working artist and studying art processes for over thirty-five years, this relocation demanded a dramatic change in life. Dora became an active participant in every aspect of art in Taos. Dora had a late life introduction to horses when she adopted an injured horse (Star) from the Equine Spirit Sanctuary in Taos. It was love at first sight and Dora became aware of the intricate relationship between horses and humans. When her husband purchased a Rocky Mountain horse (Jude), they both became immersed in learning to ride and in everything about horses. This brought about the purchase of MorningStar Stables. In 2018, a trainer (Rudy Lara Jr.) moved to the stables to train horses and brought with him a strange little mare (Luna). Dora’s artwork continues and revolves around her environment including earth, wind, rain and fire. Luna's story is a true record of her adoption into the Dillistone family and an observation of events during her first year in Taos. You can read about Dora’s life and work at:


Editors: Nancy Allen, author • David Perez, author

Book Design: Wiz Allred • Desert Moon • Taos/Santa Fe

Photo: Carl Dillistone

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